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Session Wrestler Emma Switch
Location: Bucharest - Romania

E-mail: switch.emma@gmail.com

Facebook: Emma Switch

Specialties: fetish, fantasy, semi competitive, competitive wrestling, muscle admiration - worship.
I'm training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, fitness-weights.


  • Height: 160 cm - 5'3"
  • Weight: 56 kg - 124 pounds
  • Biceps: 32 cm - 12,6 inch




I monthly travel across Europe. In case you desire to have a session with me just write a e-mail. Don't forget to put the name of the city in the discription of the e-mail.


      • dec 7 - 9: Brighton
      • January: Bologne - Rome
      • feb 16 - 19: Tel Aviv



Emma Switch is in my opinion one of the most athletic and technically skilled session wrestlers out there she is not only fast, and with alot of endurance but she is also very very technical with a very strong wrestling and great juijitsu.
I have had several sessions with her so far and she has dominated in every encounter despite a severe size disadvantage and me beeing an okay grappler with quite a bit of experience.
If you are looking for a fantastic wrestler who will most likely dominate you throughout the session with ease and who has the conditioning and technique to grind even a big strong and tough grappler down if she has to Emma Switch is for sure a great choice especially if you are looking for an actual competetive session.
I have tried to look after wrestlers who can offer me an actual competetive session and i have mostly been disappointed because they have for the most part not been able to deal with someone who actually has some grappling skills, no such dissapointment with Emma though she was able to tire me out and was very dominant in doing so and tapping me out many times in the process.

A. Stockholm

I had a session with Emma and it was the best session ever. At the first sight, I was pleased by her kindness and smile. She weared tight top and shorts and I was really imp ressedby her incredible toned body, very hard shapely biceps, back and rock hard abs: I'd have passed all the time just worshipping it!
She set her carpet on the floor and we started our session. Yes, Emma is incredibly defined, but she is not very tall and heavy, so I thought I'd have had some possibilities during the fight: I was very wrong!
Her speed is impressive and in 2-3 seconds I was on the floor asking her to let me go and these situations repeated several times.
She is very well trained in brazilian ju-jitsu but it's not just techinique, believe it or not, she is way strong than me and I used to weight 90 kgs! The funny thing is that I enjoyed suffering, nothing is better than looking at her pumped muscles, even if it means a lot of pain! I have to admit that I also felt some fear at the beginning, I thought that her superiority could be dangerous for me, but she knows her job very well!
I want to suggest anyone to have a session with Emma, her technique, her body, her strength and, last but not least, her professionality are unique and unforgettable.

M. Milan

Competitive session with Emma Switch is a very nice time. We wrestled in a large rented flat in Paris. I am 68 kg and Emma 54 kg, but she was in the control throughout the match. We started standing and, very quickly, she put me to the mat and she caught me in her guard.
After some minutes, I had to give up after she successed an armbar. Emma is the Queen of armbar. I tried to resist but she put her strong legs on my shoulders and, easily, extended my arm. And Emma knows many other holds: for instance, she catched me in a triangle choke and I had to tap out soon because I could not breathe.
Emma is a nice person, very attentive, and with Kathy (who has stopped now) and VeVe Lane, she is one of the best wrestlers.

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