Mistress Emma Switch

About Me

Mistress Emma SwitchI'm an experienced Switch and have been involved in the scene for quite some time. BDSM offers me a place and time where I can let free this part of me which I'm normally forced to hide.

I profile myself as switch because I enjoy pain as much as I like to inflict it. This is by no means in contradiction with my natural dominance. 90 percent of my sessions are in dominant position, being a switch I have no difficulties to see the power of submission and herewith of my subs. If however you are an experienced master I will eagerly turn over my power to you.


My style of play cannot be summed up by any specific term. Depending on what you awaken in me I can be your wild playful, naughty young girl, your silent ice queen, your superior who will beat you into submission or a warm and tender woman who caresses away your pain, there where she inflicted it before.

My Body Your Temple

Mistress Emma Switch Another of my great passions is body building, I spend many hours a week perfecting my biceps, shoulders and glutes and abs, so those muscle worshippers can fall at my feet. I do have an androgynous look so if you are searching for mistress Barbie, do look elsewhere. I'm searching for slaves who know to appreciate powerful, muscular women.

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